Wednesday, October 3, 2012

31 Days Through a Lens (Day 1)

Definition of PERMANENT

: Continuing or enduring without fundamental or marked change

Recently, I took a few photos of my friend getting a tattoo. I personally do not have any tattoos but, I appreciate the art. I wanted to join in on the 31 days of blogging and I haven’t been snapping a lot of pictures lately. I decided to do 31 Days Through a Lens. This way it will get me to blog and take pictures: )

I don’t know if I could get a tattoo because I don’t know if I could choose a picture or words I’d want permanently on my body. Then I thought to myself tattoos aren’t really permanent these days. There are ways (painful ways) to remove them. Then I asked myself is there anything in life that is permanent? So I looked up the definition of permanent and made the choice that there isn’t a lot in life that is.

Is family really permanent though? People are always changing and that includes the members of your family. Sure they are always there but, they don’t exist without change. Watching my son grow is proof of that. A family feud that has separated my aunt and grandparents is proof. You add people and you lose people. Family is not permanent.

This was easy to answer. If my family can’t be considered permanent how could my friends be? I thought I would have my one friend forever. We recently had a falling out. I get on peoples nerves and they get on mine some days haha.

Change is always possible, even with something as permanent as a tattoo.

The only thing that is permanent in our lives is God. How comforting knowing that there is one thing in our life that is steady, that is constant and is without marked change. The words in the Bible might be unique to the Bible you buy but, they always convey the same message. You can’t take away or change the fact that Jesus died on the cross for our sins.

Through the Lens I learned that although life doesn’t promise us permanence, God does! How lucky are we?

Monday, October 1, 2012

Baby Boy

It's a boy!
Today my sister found out that she is going to have a little boy! This will be the 2nd grandchild in our family so I think secretly everyone was a bit hopeful for a girl. However, how exciting for Max to grow up with his cousin and all the fun stuff they can share as boys!

Growing up we lived next to our aunt and her two boys. We all were very close and spent our summers outside together. We created our own baseball team and even made shirts. We played Power Rangers and mighty morphed all summer long. In the pool we played Sea World and mermaids. My best summer memories were the ones I made with my cousins.

My sister is having a child with my best friend’s brother-in-law. My best friend has a son 3 weeks younger than Max. So this means there will be 3 little boys to watch run around and cause trouble ha! Although it would be fun to dress up a little girl and have someone to buy Barbie’s for, it’s very exciting thinking of all the fun these 3 will have!

I couldn’t be happier! Plus I get to finally don the title Aunt! I’ve always wanted to be called Aunt Jessilyn and now I will be!