Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Brain Talk & Pictures

I don’t have much time to blog today. So I’m just going to make a few notes and add some pictures.

Today Aunt Flo has come to visit. I must say I am impressed with my Period Tracking App. It is spot on! P Tracker in the Android App Store in case you are in need of something like this.

I’m crampy and emotional and that isn’t even the bad part. The bad part is….acne. Whoa! I am 25 years old and I thought a perk to getting older was leaving behind the blemishes of adolescence. I guess my body isn’t recognizing that I am an adult. Here is a conversation I think my brain is having with myself. Imagine me in a small chair looking quite similar to a pubescent teen. Then picture my brain in a white lab coat with black rimmed glasses and a check list.

            Brain:         “So you still are living at home with your mother?”

          Me:              (Sheepishly) “Yes but…”

Brain:         “So…you still can’t afford a new car and the bank denied your request for a loan?

Me:              (Intense sigh) “Yes but…”

Brain          “That means you are driving the old Buick, the one similar to your cousin’s who is a senior in High School?

Me:              (Proud smile) “Yes but mine is a 2000 and his is a 97. That is 3 years Brain!

Brain           (Taps on clipboard with pen) “Riiiiight, I probably don’t need to ask any further questions. We did review your bank statement as well.”

          Me:              (Face reddens)

Brain:         “Well Jessilyn I’ll talk this over with the Pituitary Gland and submit your request for cancelling the Acne.”

Me:              (Over zealous) “Thank you, Thank you!”

Brain:         (Turns to walk away then quickly turns back) “I’m going to be honest with you kid, this is going to be a hard case to prove that you’re an adult now. I’d probably expect the worst if I were you.”

Me:              “But….”

Brain:         “Listen I’d like to stay and go over this with you but I have a 3:00 o’clock with that pimple next to your nose you were just picking at. He is angry and he wants some type of compensation like a scar or few friends to vent to. I need to do my best to calm him down. My advice to you is to get it together girl” (Deafening heel clicks on a tile floor)   

Hope that made you giggle as much as it made me giggle.

On a brighter note.

I took pictures over the weekend of Maximus and his buddy Walter. I was proud of a few so I wanted to post them. Enjoy! Any tips are welcomed on photography, being an adult, or acne. Haha!

Maximus looking to the heavens in the church courtyard.

Love the old wooden doors to this church.

The boys on the steps of the library.

See what I mean about the old wooden doors?

One of my favorites.

Emily's hands and her husband blurred in the background.

Enjoy your day!

Friday, August 17, 2012

I Miss My Siblings

I miss my brother. He is in the Marine Corp and is stationed down in North Carolina. He just got married this past June and when he was home he was so busy that I hardly got to see much of him.

I was visiting a friend yesterday who got a call from his younger sister who was asking for advice. I sat there listening to him talk to her and hand out all the advice he could. It reminded me of the times I have sat and had talks with both my younger sister and brother.

My siblings and I are exceptionally close; I look at them like my own children mixed with my best friends. Especially when we were younger and all were in the house together, we spent many nights up late watching movies and giggling. I miss that.

However, as we have gotten older and left the house (well some of us have returned cough* cough* me) I feel we have lost the closeness we once had. Mainly my brother and I. He has his own life and a wife now and he is busy and I understand that. He can’t call me up every week and chat and even when he does call we don’t have much time to talk.

I like to think that life has a way of getting back to where you were but, maybe in a different way. My sister is pregnant with her first child and is due is February. So her child and my son won’t be too far apart in age. I know my brother and his wife want children and plan on moving home when he is finished with his military career. So I hold onto the hope that one day we will spend late nights watching movies with our children and sharing the same giggles but with a bigger crowd.

Some of my favorite memories growing up are…

My brother used to get growing pains and I would go into his room and prop his leg up on a bunch of pillows and sing to him. I used to make up goofy songs so that he would laugh.

My sister and I shared a room all the way up until the day I moved out to California. Most nights we would sing some of our favorite church hymns that our grandma taught us.

Staying up late watching Ron Howard’s version of The Grinch all year round.

Chasing my brother around in the snow in winter time.

Getting the giggles so bad at the dinner table that my mom sent us to the living room because we couldn’t stop.

All 3 of us cuddled together watching a movie on the couch the night before my brother left for boot camp. Haha I’m sure he wouldn’t want people to know that!

So many more….  Sigh* where has the time gone?

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Lost Tradition

A lost tradition.

I have a very close friend who lives in Florida who I miss terribly. She introduced me to a friend of hers down there that she felt was a male version of me. Haha! So I was curious and decided to investigate these claims. My male me does have a similar sense of humor and we do share a lot of the same beliefs. He is a really great guy and I feel like I can call him my friend (although I have yet to meet my friend in person). Well my male me is going through a bit of a rough patch and early on in our friendship he sent me a card that I was pleasantly surprised to receive! Since he is experiencing a bit of a speed bump in life I will return the favor. Plus it helps that I did find this very cute card that I wanted to share with you all.

Isn’t that a cute card? Made me giggle.

It has taken me forever to get a stamp and stick it in the mail. I don’t do a lot of stuff with the mail. I do most of my billing and banking online so the need for stamps rarely comes about. I finally put it in the mail today! This reminded me how rare people send and receive mail. I hardly get birthday cards anymore and I don’t ever get much in the mail besides bills ha. The letter is becoming a lost tradition. I remember when I got my male me’s card in the mail and how excited I was to open it. He took his time to pick out a card, write a very sweet message inside and, mail it! It wasn’t a quick comment on my status or an instant message to my inbox, it was thoughtful!

Not too long ago I got some stationary on sale at Wallyworld and decided that I would write letters to people who were close to me. I wrote 2 people a week and I did it for a whopping 2 weeks ha. I did get phone calls from my family telling me how happy they were to get my letter. I think its time I start this activity up again.

Take time this week and send someone a letter or a card just so they know you are thinking about them. Maybe you will get one in return J

Happy Mailing.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Florence and the Machine Monday

Florence and the Machine

On Monday my sister and I went to Cleveland to see one of our favorite bands, Florence and the Machine. They were amazing to say the least. The lead singer, Florence Welch has an incredibly strong voice and she did not fail to deliver on Monday. I was very impressed with just how much her live performance favored the songs on the album. It seems that a lot of times artist are so digitally enhanced that when you see them live it is like seeing someone totally different.

She was very interactive with the crowd and seemed to really enjoy performing. It is a pleasure to watch someone love doing what they do! I was able to snap a few photos of the event. Jacobs Pavilion is a small and unique venue. It sits right on the water and has a lot of old industrial architecture surrounding it. I adored that venue and would love to catch some more artists there.

My mom purchased these tickets as a birthday present to my sister. I was lucky enough that my sister wanted me to go with her. We had a wonderful time, which we always do when we are together. I love that my sister and I are close and that we share the same love for music as well as for the same types of music. It isn’t rare for her and I to often message one another with songs to download or listen to! We both feel through music, happiness, sadness, excitement….you name an emotion and we have a song that we can put to it!

This was my first concert of the summer (so late in the summer too L) hopefully her and I can make it out to a few more!