Friday, June 14, 2013

2013 Summer To Do’s

With the “official” beginning of summer just around the corner (June 21st) I feel it is appropriate for me to create a list of Summer To Do’s. With me being pregnant it has added a whole new list of goals.

2013 Summer To Do’s
Focus on Being Fit
This is a To Do to work on all summer. I bought a treadmill and I can count on one hand how many times I’ve used it. There is no reason for me to swell up just because I am pregnant. Plus being active makes me feel a lot better than when I am sluggish on the couch.

Take Max to a Ball Game
I don’t know if he is ready for the “big leagues” but, I think the atmosphere that I love so much can be appreciated even by someone so small. Perhaps we can go to a Mud Hens game and get the experience I’m looking for.

I’d like to make it to the zoo a few times and maybe once sans Max. I think the zoo would be a fun place to snap some photos and people watch. My friend Emily just got a new camera so I am sure I can rope her into going. Girl’s Day without kids who can say no to that?

Imagination Station
Max is at a fun age and with baby brother’s arrival quickly approaching I’d like to get in some trips that might be hard to do with a newborn in tow. I might be jumping the gun on this trip but, I do know they have a Littlest Adventurers exhibit that I think Max would really enjoy.

This I didn’t get to do last year! I want to make it a priority to get friends and family down to the river to do some gritty, in a tent, old fashioned camping! We did this when I was younger and I loved staying the night in a tent. It was scary and exciting. I think Max and his buddies would like it. Being pregnant though I might want to search for a nice air mattress.

Put-In-Bay/Kelly’s Island
I think Max would love riding the Jet Express. Over on the island there is a nice park and it would be fun to spend the day riding over there and having a picnic and walking around. (Hopefully before all the party goers arrive)

Being 99.99% Prepared for Baby Boy
Last night I washed up Max’s old carseat. I need to start going through totes of his old clothes and making inventory of what I have. I’d like to be prepared to bring this little guy home and be able to relax.

Accomplish Crafts
I don’t know about you guys but I am a serial pinner. I just never accomplish all the cool ideas I pin. I have an unfinished Kitchen, Living Room, Baby Room, and Bedroom that needs my pinned ideas. I want to accomplish those so I can feel like I live in a complete home and not a work in progress!

I’m sure I am leaving out some other ideas I have for the summer but, these ones are the BIG ONES! Anyone else have any summer plans they would like to share?

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