Thursday, May 2, 2013

Sea World Scouts

Sea World Scouts
I mentioned I was pregnant. How unfair is pregnancy really? Pretty dang unfair! I am slowly packing on the pounds and feeling like a bloated whale. I felt like a bloated whale when I wasn’t pregnant so now that I am………I feel like Sea World scouts have been out to my home. I suppose that would be a decent second income and it might be nice hearing tons of screaming fans chant my name to watch me swim out and flop around in a pool. Perhaps I’ll consider it if they decide to make me any offers. The sad part is I am only 17 weeks. AHHH! That means I have many more weeks ahead of me to really beef up. I have been trying a bit harder to stay healthy and I did do a nice 40 minute jaunt on the treadmill yesterday but now my knees hurt and I must take a day of rest. I wish I could be a health nut and really make a life change. I will try harder next week. It’s too late to start now plus I have a BBQ this weekend.
The weather is finally starting to be warm here in Ohio. However, I said that the other week when it got to the 70’s and the next 3 days were back into the low 50’s and high 40’s. I’m sick of cold weather. I can disguise my fatness in cold weather attire though. Summer clothes are unforgiving especially to my arms. I did try and lift some 8lb weights yesterday. Maybe if I keep that up I will have nice arms. If my commitment to blogging is any look into my life, then you might be able to see that I am not good at keeping up on things.
I usually like to have some summer goals. One normally being a trip to the baseball field to catch the Indians play, with the weather warming up it has me itching to look up tickets. I do enjoy a good baseball game. I love stadium dogs for $900 dollars and a cool drink for a refreshing $400. I pay the prices and it’s the best dog I will have all summer. I like how everyone collective cheers. I enjoy the opportunity to people watch. I just think it is a nice summer activity and it is nice to go with a group of friends. I am not a huge baseball fan but I do like to go once or twice if I can.
I’d love to take Max some place this summer, I haven’t been on a vacation in years. For a while I was quite the jet setter. Key West, Hiking the Grand Canyon, San Francisco, driving from Dallas to San Diego. I didn’t appreciate my travels much then perhaps because I was going on them so much but now, I miss them. I miss them a lot. Another thing I miss is concerts. I was the concert connoisseur for some time and that too is another habit I lost. Those faded with my divorce and at the time I thought it was more his thing than mine but, it was my thing too. Heavy Sigh*   I can’t go far with Max because we don’t have the time or the cash flow. Plus he is too little to really remember a good trip like Disney World and if I am going to fork out that kind of dough then he is going to love it and remember it forever. Plus now with baby dos on the way I might as well wait until he/she (hopefully she) has arrived and aged and we can go as a family of 3 or 4 depending on where their dads head is at the time….or maybe 5 if the other chick he “might have pregnant” turns out the be his child and she allows her to go with us. GAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My Life!  I am not going to complain, I just like to sit back and giggle in a weird way at where I am at and how my silly choices have led me to where I am not. Living the lifestyle of a habitual mistake maker lands you in some pretty goofy situations. Back to positive things…….the trip.
I’d like to go to a beach, maybe stay in a cabin by the lake. Drive to NC and visit my brother and enjoy the beach there. Who knows, I am always on the lookout of some undiscovered gem here in Ohio where I can take Max. Hopefully I find it so I can get this plan hatched.
Well folks it is lunch time and I need to work on getting in shape for Sea World. If I am lucky maybe the girl at the Taco Bell Drive Thru will chant my name as I pull up to the window so I can get a taste of what life will be like.

Hope all is well friends.

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