Tuesday, April 9, 2013

G is for genuine.

G is for genuine.
It is rare to find genuine people out in this world today. You find yourself surrounded by friends, family, and co-workers and out of those people only a handful might actually be genuine and nice. It is a sad reality that many people just don’t care and only care about their own lives and what’s happening to them.
Today I want to share with you how lucky I am to know the lady I work with. She is kind hearted and above anything else she is real. When I first came to my new job I was nervous because I hadn’t heard the greatest stories of my new boss. I walked into our warehouse and there behind a desk sat a petite woman with the most welcoming smile. Instantly I felt at ease and I knew that she was someone I liked. Through the months I was lucky enough to occasionally share an office with her and get to know her more. It turns out that this woman loved the same kind of music that I did. We both share a love for Radiohead and it is rare to find someone who likes Radiohead and even more rare to find someone in her age group who likes them. She instantly at that moment became my favorite person at work. After that I opened up to her about my life and she let me in on a few of her personal stories as well. I’ve cried to her and she has opened her arms and hugged me as if I was one of her own children. She too has cried in front of me. We laugh at how if someone walked in and saw us they wouldn’t know what to think.  She gives me advice and support when I need it the most whether it’s about work or my life. I have good friends who I love dearly and they do the same for me as well and I love that I found someone new I can add to that list.
I know that this lady reads my blog from time to time, so Jan thanks for being you! You make my work life and personal life brighter.

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  1. Hey! Where did ya go?! I've been thinking about you. Hope all is well with baby and boyfriend. I know I don't know you, but give Max a super big, sloppy, cheek kiss from me and raise that boy right!!