Monday, April 8, 2013

Excellent Fun

Excellent Fun
I missed Sunday but for good reason. I was quite busy on Sunday. We took Max to the African Safari Wildlife Park, which is a drive thru park where animals, large animals come to your car and eat. It started out well enough with the llamas. Max was okay with them and was able to hold a carrot with my supportive hand and fed them. We moved right along to the Longhorn Cows, these ones made me a little nervous as their large horns tapped at the windshield. I think Max could sense my fear a little bit and he moved to the center of the car away from the window. Last we came to the extremely large buffalo. We had one on each side of the car and they forced their massive heads as far into the window as possible. This for sure made me nervous and Max started crying!! I’m sure if they felt overwhelmingly large to me, they had to be very scary to him. We slowly drove away and they got the point we were moving and walked on to the car behind us. All in all I think Max enjoyed himself so that was good.
After the safari we took about a hour nap which was nice because I hardly get the chance to nap when he is. After our nap we went to visit my grandparents and we went along with them to DQ. Sundays weather was beautiful, it was probably the warmest day we have had. I am getting very tired of the cold weather so it was a welcomed change.
Today is Monday and it is time to get back at it. Back to work, back to day to day Mon-Fri. Hopefully today marks my starting point of healthier choices seeing as I allowed myself to indulge this weekend. Goodbye world of fried food and deliciousness. I will miss you but hopefully not too much!
This weekend was full of excellent weather and fun!

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