Friday, April 5, 2013

C is for Caption

Today for my “C” word I chose caption. You have seen them on countless photos I am sure. So my post will consist of nothing but photos with captions. Enjoy! Happy Friday by the way!

One of my favorite pictures down by the river.

The Cow out front of my grandparents house that we all have been on for a picture. Max's turn!

Heaven is all around us. Beautiful church in town!

I can't even remember him being this small *tear. The day we took him home.

My favorite Florence and The Machine shot of the night.

Watching a friend get inked up. Ouch!

Not ready for this look again haha.

My Easter Babies. Max and my nephew Bo.

Halloween costume while pregnant. Always good for a laugh.

A friends boot. I feel like it needs a caption about reflection or something deep. I love this photo.

My favorite vampire. Forget Twilight.

Max's first Christmas!

How does this picture not make you smile. He made an enterance that night! Best ring bearer ever!

Last nights dinner, Strawberry & spinach salad with a goat cheese fritter. Yum!

Nothing more relaxing than a sleeping baby.

My blue eyed guy hunting for Easter Eggs.

Sunsets out my back window are the best.

The happiness that candy in a plastic egg brings. Each one he opened got the same reaction. The best!


  1. I love that picture you took of Flo at the concert!!! Beautiful!

  2. Loved the pictures. :)

    - A fellow blogger from A to Z!